Design and production of silos and bases for grain storage

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The ventilation systems of TOP-13 are different in model and size, so as to meet the specific needs of the customer. The ventilation systems of the silos of TOP-13 include thermal control, fans and ventilation ducts.

The silos of TOP-13 are equipped with thermal control which is a system of ropes that read the grain temperature every 0.5 m in the silo. The thermal control software allows the system automatically to turn on the fans when the temperature in the silo rises. The thermal control can be computerized or by a board for each individual silo.

The fans with which the TOP-13 silos are equipped allow 20,000 cubic meters of grain to pass through each cubic meter in 1 hour, which allows the grain to be cooled quickly and to prevent the start of unwanted processes in the grain.

Ventilation ducts are laid in the concrete floor of the silo. They are covered by perforated sheet metal allowing air to pass through the entire silo. e area of the ventilation ducts provides an opportunity for the required amount of air to pass through the grain.