Design and production of silos and bases for grain storage

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The silos produced by TOP-13 PLC are used for storage and maintenance of all types of cereals. They are manufactured using modern technology introduced by the United States. The walls of the silos are made of corrugated galvanized sheet metal and are placed on a ventilated flat floor.

The silos are equipped with a system of three emptying openings, the main one being located in the center of the silo and from which the facility is emptied. If it is necessary to completely emptying the silo, an assisting auger is switched on which moves the grain from the periphery to the center.

The silos are equipped with a door through which access to the interior of the facility is provided. The ventilated floor allows, if a long-term storage is necessary, to regulate the grain temperature by means of fans, which are switched on according to a certain scheme. Depending on the customer's requirements the facilities can be connected to existing warehouses. The volume of the silos and the capacity of the conveyors are determined by the needs of the customer. All facilities are accompanied by operating instructions.

At the request of the customer the silos can be equipped with an additional device for reading the temperature and humidity, as well as a mechanism for automatic shutdown of filling and emptying the silo. Practically, the facilities can be operated by one person, as all operations are fully mechanized.